Merry Christmas!


From VÓRTICE we wish you a very special end of the year, as well as a 2020 in which all your wishes will be fulfilled.

The year is ending. Let us propose you to slow down, and stop in what we almost never have time to observe. Those subtle, small things, but which in our hearts we all know are the most important..

Soon, a brand new year will come, with which we will dive into the 20's. Will they be as avant-garde and creative as those of the last century? As happy and "golden" as they used to be?

Be that as it may, we at VÓRTICE wish you Merry Christmas, and a really Happy New Year, in which we have the enormous fortune to continue to dedicate ourselves, on our 20th anniversary, to this undoubtedly unusual but exciting occupation, as is the creation of contents for communication.

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