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The requirements

To support an intense awareness campaign regarding the growing problem of exclusion and poverty, Caritas asked us to produce a video for social media networks that would lead to a deep reflection.

In the words of the client's communication managers, the narrative had to be articulated around: "to make people feel again that we need each other and that we have a shared responsibility: not to allow anyone to be left behind".

Our approach

From the beginning we wanted to move away from the cliché that, in our country, we associate with exclusion. We chose to give the protagonism to a young and healthy person.

Youth is a particularly stigmatized segment of the population nowadays, and that will suffer severely the consequences of the bad decisions made by previous generations. A sad present (40% unemployment, high job insecurity, lack of access to housing, ...) and a worse future in sight that, in the case of immigrants, is even more hopeless.

That said, youth is synonymous with life, with daring to knock on every door without sparing the effort, to overcome the fatigue of disappointments with an energy that, in these stages of life, still flows in spurts.

This is the approach on which, in one way or another, we wanted to articulate the narrative. To show a person who gives his all, but who of course still needs that last push, the help of that outstretched hand from a society that really deserves the name.

Storyboard de proyecto audiovisual

Thus, the shooting is set around a person who has had to leave his country and his loved ones in search of a better future, and we accompany him as he wanders restlessly through the streets of a big city, knocking here and there on countless doors, without receiving any answer, which gradually makes him slip into despair, which will eventually lead him to the prostration in which we find him at the beginning of the narrative. Translated with (free version)

Llamando a todas las puertas de Zaragoza

The result

Recorded in multiple locations in the city of Saragossa and its surroundings, the video seeks an honest approach, which puts a face to a hard problem, but without falling into the pathos that so often is achieved at the expense of the dignity of the person.

Using a digital cinematography format, we have sought in this audiovisual piece to put the viewer in the protagonist's shoes, to the point of resorting to the subjective plane; their hopes and why not? their state of mind in the current situation of social crisis.

With all this in mind, we believe that the audiovisual piece created places us in front of the mirror of our necessary link with others because, alone, we are vulnerable and limited. It thus meets the client's specifications, and in fact we know that it has been very well received in various awareness-raising activities for young people and children, with exhibitions in schools, institutes and other communities.

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