The requirements

Established in 1991, and with its current headquarters in Barcelona, the MedCities association brings together 63 members from sixteen countries in the Mediterranean.

Its purpose is to implement projects in the fields of strategic urban planning, urban services, environment and local economic and social development, as well as training activities, technical support and capitalization of good practices.

As part of its communication strategy, the association launched a public tender for the production of 2 videos, covering different tools to support the different areas of its InCircle program.

Our approach

When dealing with topics related to intangible concepts, products or services, as is the case of the information structures we are dealing with here, the approach we have always found most appropriate is to resort to 2D animation. That is, to the currently so popular motion graphics".

In addition to allowing great freedom in terms of aesthetics and color treatment, animated contents give us the freedom to articulate the visual narration without the presence of redundant elements that could distract attention.

Los vídeos con animación 2D permiten un enfoque dinámico y atractivo.

In any communication action, it is essential that the receiver of the message does not get lost, that he/she knows how to locate him/herself at all times throughout the narrative.

For a project like InCircle, in which there are different groups of tools available to users, one of the key ideas that we considered from the beginning was the need to introduce a visual anchor element.

Thus, in the videos made, to identify the tool that is being discussed at each moment, we used a series of simple but effective designs, associating the name with one of the colors present in the client's Graphic Identity Manual.

La identificación jerárquica de la información es clave en la comunicación.

The result

Fulfilling their objective perfectly, the two videos produced are both attractive and fully explanatory of the importance of the InCircle program, with a view to achieving a more responsible and sustainable tourism.

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