Marcuello Archaeological Site

Gobierno de Aragón

The requirements

From the Department of Cultural Heritage of the Government of Aragon we were asked to make an informative video about the archaeological site of El Pueyo de Marcuello.

This place, an authentic crossroads of the Iron Ages, is of great importance due to the richness of the remains found there, both in terms of constructions and tools.

Videoframe of 2D animation composed from several layers

Our approach

Throughout the work, the narrative of this video places us before three types of resources: location of the site, illustration of the process of construction of the houses and, finally, of the remarkable archaeological samples found.

In order to be as faithful as possible in the recreation, in this type of work related to heritage is always a key piece a proper project management, articulated from the work with the client around the historical information available.

In this same sense, since the different phases of the construction of the houses had to be shown in great detail (ditches, stone walls, walls, roofs, ...), a comprehensive storyboard was created to serve as a guiding document for the animation tasks.

Storyboard showing different actions of a 3D animation video

As for the way to capture all these contents, different animation techniques were quickly chosen, mainly through 3D content, although some passages would also be carried out using traditional 2D digital animation.

For the finishing of everything related to the construction processes, an aesthetic was chosen that we could call a photorealistic model, which gives the work a very didactic and attractive aspect, while clearly differentiating.

Videoframe from a 3D animation video showing a Celtiberian village sited on Aragon
3D animation videoframe showing a photorealistic mock-up-like finish

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