Sharing insights

In a sector as dynamic as ours, there are many trends and ideas coming from very different fields, ranging from the artistic trends of the moment to the rapid evolution of video technologies.

From these key aspects, we propose a conversation on different approaches and insights around the making of content for communication, whether it is oriented to promotion, marketing and training.

Markerless Augmented Reality

By Mario A. Martínez Latorre
December 26th, 2019

Today, Augmented Reality (AR) allows us the visualization in place and at real size of any object.

Merry Christmas!

December 10th, 2019

From VÓRTICE we wish you a very special end of the year, as well as a 2020 in which all your wishes will be fulfilled.

Virtual Architecture

By José Miguel Aragüés Dufol
November 03th, 2019

3D Content guarantees the effective communication of the different aspects and solutions for an architectural project.

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